Application Regulations - VERÃO CLÁSSICO Masterclasses 2019

  1. VERÃO CLÁSSICO Masterclasses are intended for music students, professional musicians and/or teachers, who can apply in the modalities of active participant (soloist and/or chamber musician) and listener. The teachers will give classes on technique and musical interpretation, based on the works presented by the participants.
  2. There are two modalities of participation in VERÃO CLÁSSICO Masterclasses:
    1. Active participant (soloist and chamber musician), entitled to:
      • Three lessons.
      • Free entrance in all concerts of VERÃO CLÁSSICO Festival.
      • Eligible for VERÃO CLÁSSICO Prizes.
      • Participation in the concerts of VERÃO CLÁSSICO Festival, upon teachers and artistic direction's selection.
      • Possibility of attending all Masterclasses.
      • Practice rooms (availability of 2 hours a day, at least).
      • Certificate of participation.
      • One optional chamber music lesson for soloists, to choose at application. Soloists, who choose this option, will be integrated into chamber music groups and informed of the repertoire before VERÃO CLÁSSICO begins.
      • One optional Alexander Technique lesson, to choose at application.
    2. Listener, entitled to:
      • Possibility of attending all Masterclasses.
      • Free entrance in all concerts of VERÃO CLÁSSICO Festival.
      • Practice rooms, when available.
      • Certificate of attendance.
  3. The soloists will have lessons with teacher(s) of their instruments.
  4. Chamber music ensembles may be duos, trios, quartets, quintets, etc, and will have classes with one or more teachers, according to the instrumental formation and the proposed repertoire.
  5. Participants (soloists and ensembles) must present at least three musical works or three movements of a work.
  6. Some participants (soloists and ensembles) may be invited to perform in concerts of VERÃO CLÁSSICO Festival.
  7. All active participants are candidates for VERÃO CLÁSSICO Prizes (in the categories of the various instruments and chamber music), whose jury is formed by the teachers. At the end of VERÃO CLÁSSICO, diplomas will be awarded to the prizewinners. Some prize winners will be invited by VERÃO CLÁSSICO for next seasons’ concerts of orchestras and festivals in Portugal.
  8. The Masterclasses will have collaboration of piano accompanists.
  9. Fees:
    1. Active Participant (soloist or chamber musician):
    2. Soloist Application fee Masterclass fee Total fee
      1st phase: until March 15th 125 € 275 € 400 €
      2nd phase: until May 1st 145 € 380 € 525 €

      Chamber musician Application fee Masterclass fee Total fee
      1st phase: until March 15th 85 € 95 € 180 €
      2nd phase: until May 1st 95 € 160 € 255 €

      Extra lessons available for active participants (soloists or chamber musicians):

       Fee per extra lesson
      Instrument 125 €
      Chamber Music 55 €
      Alexander Technique 35 €

    3. Listener:
    4.  Total fee
      1st phase: until March 15th 95 €
      2nd phase: until May 1st 125 €
  10. Application:
  11. Application can only be made here and should include:

    • Participant's Identification.
    • Artistic Curriculum Vitae.
    • Proposed works. Possible amendments until May 1st.
    • YouTube/Vimeo/GoogleDrive link(s) of soloists or ensemble's video or audio recording(s), with a duration between 3 and 10 minutes, with 1 or 2 works

    Application deadlines:

    • 1st phase: March 15th
    • 2nd phase: May 1st

    After May 1st, a registration request by e-mail, to, may be accepted if the Masterclasses are not full.

  12. Payment:
  13. Payment must be made online, at the moment of the application, with credit card.

    Payment receipts will be sent by e-mail together with confirmation of application.

  14. Applications will be assessed by order of arrival.
  15. If the number of applicants exceeds the number of vacancies, a pre-selection of participants will be carried out under responsibility of the teachers and the pedagogical direction, based in the curricula and the video recording(s) of candidates.

    Result of the admission decisions will be communicated to candidates at the latest by May 15th.

    Candidates not selected as active participants will be totally reimbursed with Masterclass fee and will have the right to become a listener participant at no additional cost.

    Candidates who cancel their application until May 1st will be reimbursed with 50% of the Masterclass fee.

    Application fee is meant to cover administrative costs and is non-refundable.

    After May 1st there will be no refunds.

  16. By applying to VERÃO CLÁSSICO Masterclasses, participants agree that photographs, videos and recordings of Masterclasses and concerts, may be used for non-commercial goals.
  17. All cases omitted in this regulation will be decided by VERÃO CLÁSSICO Teachers, the Pedagogical Direction and the Centro Cultural de Belém Direction.