Alexander Olschewski

Alexander Technique - Germany

Alexander Olschewski

Alexander Olschewski was born in Germany and studied violin at the music academies in Saarbrücken (Prof. Ulrike Dierick), Würzburg (Prof. Conrad von der Goltz) and Frankfurt am Main (Prof. Walter Forchert) and was able to gather many years of experience as a soloist, chamber musician and orchestra musician (with Bamberg and Porto Symphonic Orchestras, amongst others) and also as violin teacher.

Additionally, after a training course as editor, Alexander Olschewski worked as Promotion-Manager for Universal Classics.

Alexander Olschewski studied three years of Alexander Technique with Dan Armon according to the principles of the ATVD (Alexander Technique Association Germany) and he has his studio in Berlin, working regularly with many musicians from all around the world.

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